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Comments on Traversable Wormholes And Time Machines May Not Be Usable
According to a new paper by physics researchers by Roman Buniy and Stephen Hsu, traversable wormholes and time machines cannot be both stable and predictable. (Read the complete story)

"That's true that the quantum effect would cause a worm hole not to be both predictiable and stable. Atleast on a long distance wormhole (<1 ly). So instead, create a mini wormhole that is formed infront of any ship and colaspses behind it. This would esentially reduce the quantum problem down to a more manageable size while still preserving the space bending properties that everyone is looking for. "
(Adam 5/27/2005 6:29:38 AM)
"Not usable is not exactly correct, but their is a size limit to stability, that being a particle, as particles can be split, and remain connected, both stable , and reliable across any "distance" (Distance is relative to perspective, and only applies to human comprehension)"
(Kyle Gosnell 5/27/2005 11:31:21 AM)
"There is the possibility that spacetime has higher/other dimension(s) than we currently cannot access or control. Dimensions of this sort would possibly allow wormhome like connectivity of differing locations in 4d spacetime."
(bp 5/31/2005 10:13:07 AM)
"Still great for those of us that just want 'to get away from it all'. ;-) "
(ts 6/6/2005 5:48:24 PM)
"Wormhole activation can be realized by locally bending the space map by use of optic solenoids. When light travels in the space map it not only does so at the fastest possible speed but in fact it also does so at the limit retention ability of the space map. When to optical solenoids are coordinated they form either a direct worm hole or a transit worm hole. A direct worm hole has little use because it is indeed unstable but a transit worm hole creates a lot of possibilities. You can accumulate something in it because you are passing through the space map itself. The transition spot is the interesting thing. It is not a worm hole but it is a precise location in space and time. Now if something is introduced in that transit worm hole it will remain in a stable place at that transition spot as long as the transit worm hole is activated on both ends. If the activation is ended at one of the ends the thing that was introduced will be ejected at the other end. That's a great transit system but you still go from a to b in the same space map. Now if both ends are deactivated at the same time, the thing introduced get trapped in the transit worm hole at the transition spot. At that moment, two possibilities exist. If the thing is just matter or energy a burst will occur in the space map at the exact time and space corresponding to the transition spot. The burst will appear as a sudden energy release at that exact location and time equivalent to the injected mass. Something of little usefulness unless you want to make a transit worm hole bomb. If the thing is contained within a second onboard transit worm hole, then the deactivation of the first transit worm hole will force the reconnection of the second one but exactly at the initial transition spot. From then on either end of the second transit worm hole can be deactivated and the thing inside will come out on the other way. But this time it will not be located in the same space map but also at the transition spot of the first transit worm hole. Thereby achieving the ability to relocate at any place in time that was first chosen."
(TDGa 6/10/2005 2:45:20 AM)
"Wouldn't that be a fun trip?"
(Lost Puppy 6/11/2005 8:34:13 PM)
"i thind=k that this is very true but what if a worm hole was to close before getting out would be stuck in space and time. or would we just go some were else "
(Diego  9/26/2005 6:17:32 PM)
"wormholes rock"
(pigeon 10/20/2005 8:48:48 AM)
"Probably you'd change your mind if you'd see my website:"
(M. Mansouryar 1/1/2006 12:43:03 PM)
"A wormhole, while not usable in that sense, could be made infinitely small, and rather than sending matter through, if it could send a signal instead, that a device on the other end could interpret, you would have a travelable wormhole, However, this wormhole could only take you to predetermined points. "
( 2/4/2006 7:47:19 PM)
"I think that wormhole theoriticaly can be used as travelling back in time, but there might be some problems such as what we should do and don't do if we do make the journey. Or who should be able to make the trip astronauts, scientists, or just anybody who are willing to go. Also how r we to keep the wormhole opened for long enough for us to be able to travel through it and come out the other side. "
(Roxy 3/19/2006 6:45:08 AM)
"Do wormhole a exist for real?"
(Yohance Bailey  7/16/2006 1:27:30 AM)
"i'm doing a project about wormholes. i think they are cool "
(gina 7/27/2006 3:08:48 AM)
"row of ten capacitors tied to each other in a ring, make 3 of them. cross them together, now + and - don't matter this is a flux capaseration system. it generates money. like the alien IRS but the irs is not here yet. most of them come from the future. if you make another one up and put it upside down and cross them up. its all finished. "
( 8/31/2006 11:20:53 AM)
"einstein was wromg,exists speed of light faster than what is in nature,so light is not maximun speed. example in a black hole a=infinite,light is bended and gets the a=infinite that is dv\dt=infinite if and only if dv=infinite.speed of light travel is not constant it can accelerate closed to a star due to gravity and then return to constant.gravity increases the speed.Does exist again light under the normal speed and over?what happen to light under the effect o f two or more effect of opposite gravity?it slows down?it split in piecies?it increases speed?s"
(etnas 10/17/2006 4:02:26 AM)

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