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Comments on Chemical Guidebook To Extraterrestrial Life Sought
Would you know extraterrestrial life if you found it? US scientists are working on a chemical guidebook to create a definitive method to determine whether extraterrestrial rocks have ever harbored life. (Read the complete story)

"Very Cool! But the martian "Fossils" could be an odd sort of wind erosion instead of other lifeforms."
( 4/13/2005 5:14:22 AM)
"Hello, Congrats. You have some great stuff out there. Keep it up. Suggestion---Why not recall some of the related events that have occurred in the past but forgotten due to reasons unknown. Like the recorded event of an alien space-craft failure that resulted in two young lasses(were they greenish)beig left forlorn amongst strangers and shied away till hunger and thirst forced them--willy nilly- to accept human company ( I guess rather hostile as knowledge and openness had not yet taken roots). One,as I read died shortly thereafter whilst the other was forced to serve as a domestic in a big-wigs' home and lived a ripe old age till death relieved her of her misery& lonesomeness. PS.-- This aint' any yarn of a zombie but a recollection of an article in the Sunday Magazine of A Daily(The Asian Age--Edit..MJ Akbar) published in 1990/91 from Calcutta.Hope youy'll dig it out. Thanks!
(I must have missed that one... I tend to stick closer to science fact when it comes to real-world events)"
(Col Vanky. K( 5/7/2005 1:02:14 AM)
"There's a great new astrobiology blog, run by newspaper editor Rob Bignell, at alienlifeblog.blogspot.c om/. It includes roundups of the latest news from the various scientific fields that form astrobiology and information about SETI. "
(Kyle Janison 5/23/2005 4:57:34 PM)

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