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Comments on Broadband Invisibility Cloak - Now You See It
This breakthrough demonstrates that it is possible to build a single material that reroutes light over a broad swath of light wavelengths. (Read the complete story)

"Somehow I can't help feeling all the stories year after year about these materials are hype for news people. Will there ever be some thingamabob you can wrap around a car like bubble wrap and then nobody will be able to see it in the driveway? It's just not plausible."
(unconvinced 1/19/2009 3:03:57 PM)
"Here's a bit more info:
"Six scientists have built a sophisticated metamaterial that literally bends electromagnetic waves, according to a new paper published Thursday in the journal Science. Ruopeng Liu and Chunlin Li, researchers in David R. Smith’s lab at Duke University, along with three other colleagues, assembled more than 10,000 specially designed pieces to form a mat 20 inches long and four inches wide. When finished, the yellow pad sucked microwaves in and spit them out—with a curve.
To test their new invention, researchers first beamed microwaves at a flat, mirrored surface. The waves behaved as they should, bouncing off at a predictable angle. Next they shot it at a bump in a mirrored surface. The microwaves bounced and scattered, carefully obeying the laws of physics. Then the scientists laid their yellow mat over the bump. And the wave ignored the bump—or so it seemed. After reflecting off the curved surface, the radiation veered downward and continued along a flat surface-trajectory. The mat had cloaked the bump."

The results of the new study. Microwaves bounce off a flat surface in (A) while they both bounce and scatter off the curved surface in (B). With the new cloaking material, various frequencies of microwaves curve after they leave the curved surface (C through F), making it appear to sensors as though the surface were flat. Image courtesy AAAS/Science
From Ars Technica."
(Bill Christensen 1/20/2009 6:13:12 PM)

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