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Comments on Interview With Greg Bear On Quantico
This exclusive Technovelgy interview includes Greg Bear's comments on the ideas and devices used in his book Quantico. (Read the complete story)

"He seems like an interesting guy. I haven't read any of his books yet, but Quantico sounds intriguing."
(Chelymorpha 4/21/2007 5:19:08 PM)
"I love Greg Bear's books. That said, I find his summary of American politics laughably inane, utterly inept...and fundamentally dishonest. What Greg knows damned well but doesn't acknowledge anywhere in this interview is that the two-party system is a complete sham. There is no dialectic, no balancing of "opposing" philosophies when the whole thing is a shallow lie. America is an empire. Read Chalmers Johnson. Read Wm. Kötke's Final Empire (online)--we manipulate artificial (& real) scarcity and call it a "free market" when there's nothing free about it. Why is it, Greg, that petro-politics causes wars to be waged when we don't even need oil anymore? Why is it that we rationalize our "interventions" as protecting "American interests" when it's all decided in secrecy, behind closed doors? This is the democracy that we're spreading? Please! Then, even more arrogantly, we refuse to even look at blowback as the reason behind the world's reaction to our thuggishness? See no evil, hear no evil, right? It's one thing for political observers to pretend that there's some sort of dialog between the two "sides," but when sci-fi writers don't have the imagination to describe the alternative to the reckless, greed-driven elitism that is scarcity economics--egalitarian economies of abundance, just as Nature does it--then those sci-fi writers have become apologists for Empire, like David Brin. Please come back, Greg."
(iridescent cuttlefish 6/20/2007 7:37:53 AM)
"It should also be noted that those in Gitmo are illegal combatants of war, as stated in the Geneva Conventions. "
( 9/8/2008 3:14:36 PM)

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