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Larry Niven was born in California in 1938; he earned a BA in mathematics from Washburn University, Kansas. His first sf story The Coldest Place was published in 1964. He has won four short-fiction Hugos; he won both the Hugo and Nebula award in 1971 for Ringworld. He is also known for his Tales of Known Space.

Niven is a frequent collaborator; see his other contributions under Niven w/J. Pournelle, Niven w/EM Lerner, Niven w/S. Barnes, Niven w/Pournell, Flynn and Niven w/GC Johnson.

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Slaver Disintegrator - ultimate plasma arc tool
Sometimes used as a digging tool.

Ringworld (1970)

Slaver Stasis Field - where time does not pass
A force field that protects everything inside it by creating a space in which time is suspended.

Ringworld (1970)

Slaver Sunflowers
Plants evolved to reflect light to burn natural enemies.

World of Ptavvs (1965)

Sleep Set (Sleep Headset)
An electronic device for inducing deep sleep.

Ringworld (1970)

Sleeping Plates - null gravity as a sleep aid
A pair of plates that nullify gravity for the being(s) sleeping between them. Is null gravity the answer to your sleep problems?

Neutron Star (1966)

Slower than lightspeed spacecraft used for interstellar colonization.

Protector (1973)

An interstellar craft carrying people.

The Ethics of Madness (1967)

Soft Weapon
A device that changes its shape to alter its function.

The Soft Weapon (1967)

Solar Electric Paint - Black Power - solar power in a spray can
A black-colored paint that can be sprayed on, making any surface a solar power generator.

The Woman in Del Rey Crater (1995)

Sonic Fold
Force field that guides air around an air vehicle.

Ringworld (1970)

Sound Deadener
Device that acts to damp excessive noise produced by different species.

Ringworld (1970)

Sparkers - tasty watts for aliens
A device used to deliver small amounts of electric current to chirpsithra, who use it for the same reason humans use alcohol.

Niven's Laws (1984)

Stasis Box - infinite storage
A space entirely enclosed by a Slaver stasis field, in which time does not pass.

There is a Tide (1968)

Stepping Discs - open teleportation pads
Open air teleportation pads.

Ringworld (1970)

Sun Goggles
Lenses darken in spots to block the brightness of alien suns.

Grendel (1968)

Tannin-Secretion Pills
Artificially darkens skin, for skin protection.

Crashlander (1994)

Tasp - right where you live
A device that induces a current in the pleasure center of the brain, at a distance.

Ringworld (1970)

Teaching Chair
No-frills teaching machine.

Rammer (1991)

Translator Discs
Wearable devices that wirelessly connected to a speech translation computer.

Ringworld (1970)

Twing - twine by NASA
Used in the hold of spaceships to keep articles all together, and to prevent them from floating around in free fall, or falling during periods of acceleration.

Protector (1973)

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