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Edward Hamilton Waldo (1918-1985) changed his name to Theodore Sturgeon after his mother's divorce and remarriage. He wrote many short stories for magazines like Astounding Science Fiction and Unknown, and was perhaps the most anthologized science fiction author of the 1950's. He later wrote screenplays for Star Trek episodes (like Shore Leave and Amok Time. Always remember Sturgeon's Law - '90% of everything is crud.'
Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Automatic Refueling Screen
Repels objects that are too big, and gathers small ones for fuel.

Biddiver (1941)

Momentum Screen
Allows a spacemen to avoid the problem of "high gee" forces on take-off.

Completely Automatic (1941)

Neoterics - genius on tap
Pure engineering genius on tap.

Microcosmic God (1941)

Nothing - just holes
A super-hard substance created by carefully removing material.

It was Nothing - Really! (1969)

Orbital Mirror - sunlight when you want it
A huge reflective surface in orbit around a planet or moon, the purpose of which is to focus sunlight onto the surface.

Completely Automatic (1941)

A space craft that travels point to point in space.

Stars are Styx (1950)

Sleep Destroying Field
Causes lack of sleep.

Biddiver (1941)

Talking Speedometer
A gauge that tells you its value verbally

Biddiver (1941)

Voicewriter Screen (Computer Monitor)
A screen that displays characters.

Granny Won't Knit (1954)

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