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Pseudonym of Canadian-born writer Henry George Weiss (1898-1946), in the US from 1919, whose birth name has also been wrongly given as George Henry Weiss; the pseudonym was adopted in memory of Francis Flagg Weiss his brother, according to Forrest J Ackerman who died in 1922.

(Francis Flagg)

A US resident, Flagg began publishing sf with "The Machine Man of Ardathia" for Amazing in November 1927.

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Footgear provides the wearer with the ability to "walk" through the air, climbing as needed.

An Adventure in Time (1930)

Chemical Brain
A purely chemical artificial intelligence.

The Chemical Brain (1929)

Engineless Automobile Hover
No engine, no steering wheel, yet it runs.

An Adventure in Time (1930)

Living Machines
Robots that are able to learn.

The Mentanicals (1934)

Mentanical Communication
Thinking, learning robots have a special means of communication.

The Mentanicals (1934)

Robots capable of mentation - i.e., thought.

The Mentanicals (1934)

Audio news ready when you are.

After Armageddon (1932)

A consciousness that supersedes the minds of many individuals.

The Chemical Brain (1929)

Robots Refuse To Serve Man
When robots evolve their own perspectives, and ultimately refuse to act as servants to human beings.

The Mentanicals (1934)

Tabletop Display
A display monitor built into a flat, horizontal table surface.

An Adventure in Time (1930)

A display screen for live events.

After Armageddon (1932)

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