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Greg Bear was born in 1951 in San Diego, California. He completed his first short story at age 10; at 15 he sold his first science fiction story. To date, he has won two Hugo Awards and five Nebula awards (one of only two authors to have won a Nebula in all categories). His many novels include Blood Music, Eon, Darwin's Radio and Quantico.
Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

A very small flapping wing UAV that can be carried by a larger flying device.

Quantico (2007)

Millipede Train - lotsa little legs
A train that is able to move without tracks or other supports.

Eon (1985)

Monomol Mesh Armor - chain (molecule) mail
Material to protect selected areas that must bend (elbows, knees, and so forth).

Queen of Angels (1990)

Orbital Weapon Lancet (OWL) - watch the skies
A kinetic energy weapon placed in Earth orbit.

Quantico (2007)

OSMO (Osmic Mobile Observers)
UAV with the ability to "smell" their human quarry.

Quantico (2007)

Oxygen Fountain
A small factory for making oxygen on the Martian surface.

War Dogs (2014)

Puff (Puff Balls)
Material that is used to help Skyrines dropped to the surface of Mars get rid of some of that excess velocity.

War Dogs (2014)

Quantum Logic Thinker (QL) - fuzzy logic thinker
A computer system that thinks about problems in unusual ways.

Heads (1990)

Remotely Operated Auto-targeting Gun (ROAG) - I see you
A weapon able to pick out its own targets; it's action can be remotely initiated.

Quantico (2007)

Robot Snake Spy
A small robot in the shape of a snake, used for field work by spies.

Mariposa (2009)

Skin Computer
A computer that looks like a tattoo, on a stretchable base.

Mariposa (2009)

Specialized space suit for low atmospheric pressure environments like Mars.

War Dogs (2014)

Speaker Chips - talking books
Integrated circuit chips placed in books; they could read the book and advertise it.

Darwin's Children (2003)

Specimen Track
A means for transporting laboratory specimens from one workstation to another in an automated lab.

Darwin's Children (2003)

The part of a Skyrene's life that is spent in Warm Sleep travel between Earth and the destination planet.

War Dogs (2014)

Tongue Mouse
A pointing device using input from the tongue.

Quantico (2007)

Touch Tablet
Another name for a wireless Tablet PC.

Darwin's Children (2003)

Vehicle Seeds
A matrix of materials and instructions that allow vehicles to grow themselves when placed in an environment of plentiful materials.

Killing Titan (2015)

WAGD Germ Detector - handy hand-held
A hand-held biohazard analyzer.

Quantico (2007)

Weapon Sound Tracker - I hear you
Locate an enemy by the sound of gunfire.

Quantico (2007)

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