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Nathaniel Schachner (1895-1955) was an American author of science fiction ans well as historical novels and biographies. His first eleven stories were written in collaboration with Arthur Leo Zagat. Schachner was trained as a lawyer and a chemist; he was one of Isaac Asimov's favorite writers. (Also, take a look at the stories Nathaniel Schachner wrote on his own, and of course the stories that Leo Zagat wrote on his own..)

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Master Machine
One single machine to run a civilization!

The Revolt of the Machines (1931)

Moon Run
An accurate representation of running on the moon.

Exiles of the Moon (1931)

Ownership of Machines
Who will own the machines that produce material abundance?

The Revolt of the Machines (1931)

Pneumatic Tube Station
Passengers are sealed into a narrow cylinder that is shot through a pressurized tube to their destination.

Exiles of the Moon (1931)

Propulsion Gun
What can you push against in space?

Venus Mines, Incorporated (1931)

Recoil Pistol
A handheld device that permits a spaceman to manuever in zero gravity.

Exiles of the Moon (1931)

Rocket Liner
A rocket designed for point-to-point Earth journeys; it goes well into the stratosphere.

Exiles of the Moon (1931)

Selective Electric Eye
A facial recognition device.

Exiles of the Moon (1931)

Lightweight and tough!

Exiles of the Moon (1931)

Space Suit - early reference
Special protective gear worn as protection in space.

The Emperor of the Stars (1931)

Stationary Sidewalk
A sidewalk that is fixed permanently in one location; not a sliding walkway.

Exiles of the Moon (1931)

Synthetic Food Factories
Food production without soil.

The Revolt of the Machines (1931)

Tele-Audiovized Meeting
Teleconferencing done right.

Exiles of the Moon (1931)

Teleradio Control (Hand Flash)
A device that can call a vehicle to a driver; it drives itself in a near-autonomous fashion to the caller.

Exiles of the Moon (1931)

Terminator Zone
The area between solar illumination and shade.

Exiles of the Moon (1931)

Thought Coil (Machine Intelligence)
Specially designed hardware that imparts intelligence to machines.

The Revolt of the Machines (1931)

Thought Screen
A material screen that is worn by the user, upon which are projected the mental images of the user.

The Emperor of the Stars (1931)

Transparent Spherical Ship
A huge sphere of quartz housing a platform for space use.

The Emperor of the Stars (1931)

Warp of Space
A fault or pucker in spacetime.

In 20000 A.D.! (1930)

Makes and maintains vast holes - even in ocean water!

The Death Cloud (1931)

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