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Manly Wade Wellman (b. 1903 - d. 1986) was an American writer, born in Portuguese West Africa, coming to the United States at the age of six. He wrote in a number of different genres, including fantasy, historical fiction, detective fiction, western fiction and science fiction. He is also known for non-fiction books on history.

"THERE have been Wellmans in Virginia back to 1660, and before that in Devonshire back to, say, 660 . . . modest gentlefolk all, but of poor judgment in battle, having graced the losing factions at Hastings, Otterburn, Bosworth Field, Princeton, Gettysburg. . . .

. . . sketchily educated in London, Washington, Wichita, Salt Lake City, New York . . . poor student, mediocre footballer . . . since graduation, have toiled as bookseller, bouncer, farm hand, house painter, reporter, and, finally, writer . . . other less savory employments I shall not mention . . . first appeared in Wonder in 1931 and hope to go on appearing. . . . am thirtyish, dark, untidy, married, and huge . . . probably the biggest, or second or third biggest, of all science fiction authors. . . ."

(Manly Wade Wellman)

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Artificial Eye Drone
A remote flying device that transmits its view to the operator.

Glimpse (1938)

Asteroid Belt
The circular region of space containing many small celestial bodies.

The Disc-Men of Jupiter (1931)

A device that 'softens' matter, making it possible for a person to pass through.

The Worlds of Tomorrow (1940)

Electro-Automatic Pistol
Circular, pocket-sized weapon.

The Worlds of Tomorrow (1940)

Gogglelike Televisors
A screen technology placed very close to the eyes.

The Robot and the Lady (1938)

Magnetized Boots - made for walking
Special shoes to allow walking in and around a metal ship with no artificial gravity.

Lost Rocket (1941)

Metal Solvent Ray Thrower - also a reaction pistol
Acts like a flame thrower in space.

Lost Rocket (1941)

Oxygen Freshener - breath of fresh air
A device that removed carbon dioxide from air and replaced it with fresh oxygen.

Lost Rocket (1941)

Private communication device that fits in your pocket.

The Worlds of Tomorrow (1940)

Radium-Action Lighter
A personal device used to ignite tobacco products.

The Worlds of Tomorrow (1940)

Rocket Cruiser
A privately owned space ship.

The Worlds of Tomorrow (1940)

A single-user propulsion pack.

The Worlds of Tomorrow (1940)

Roving Bomb - RC weaponry
Special zero-gee guided bomb.

Lost Rocket (1941)

Rust Ray Pistol
Makes the hardest steel or iron crumbly.

Gamblerís Asteroid (1944)

A very tough fabric.

The Worlds of Tomorrow (1940)

Space Overalls - easier than space suits
Light-duty space suit.

Lost Rocket (1941)

Space Socks
Protective garments for the lower extremities.

Lost Rocket (1941)

Teleoperated Robot Surrogate - love via robot
A robot that is entirely controlled remotely by a person who sees with the point of view of the robot.

The Robot and the Lady (1938)

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