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Raymond Z. Gallun (rhymes with "balloon") was born in rural Wisconsin in 1910. He attended one year of college at the University of Wisconsin, then left to travel in Europe. He started writing science fiction in 1929; he attained widespread recognition with Old Faithful in 1934.

(Raymond Z. Gallun)

Along with John W. Campbell, he did as much as anyone to help science fiction evolve from crude pulp stories to interesting literature. He died in 1994.

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Self-Sustaining Nuclear Reaction
An 'atomic fire' is started that consumes all matter in reach!

Atomic Fire (1931)

A means of using the atmosphere to delicately slow a space craft during re-entry.

The Planet Strappers (1961)

Solar-Powered Ball
An autonomous round toy that powers itself.

Dawn of the Demigods (1954)

Sounding Projectile
Provides a way to tell whether there’s a soldid surface on a cloudy planet.

Mad Robot (1936)

Space Bubble (Bubb)
An inflatable spacecraft.

The Planet Strappers (1961)

Space Mittens
Protect your hands in space.

Space Flotsam (1934)

Space-Armor - armored protection
Special shielding worn against rays and explosives.

Revolt of the Star Men (1932)

Runabout for outer space.

Waves of Compulsion (1932)

A small space-worthy craft for use in emergencies.

Revolt of the Star Men (1932)

A small, portable air-tight structure used on the lunar surface.

The Lunar Chrysalis (1931)

Spaceward Lunar Hemisphere
Another name for the lunar far side.

Dawn of the Demigods (1954)

Star-Globe (Ship)
A spherical spacecraft.

Brother Worlds (1951)

A tough, transparent material used to make domes or even spacecraft.

The Planet Strappers (1961)

Sun-Powered Ionic Drive Motor
A rocket propulsion system that takes solar energy to power an ion drive.

The Planet Strappers (1961)

Synthetic Intellect
A device for providing a robot with intelligence.

Mad Robot (1936)

Tractor Boots
Space suit footgear that has atom-driven caterpillar treads.

Magician of Dream Valley (1938)

Transfer Refuge
A portable environment chamber, able to support unique and different lifeforms.

Hotel Cosmos (1938)

Ultra-microrobot - small as an insect
A nanomachine; a machine whose parts are no bigger than atoms.

A Menace in Miniature (1937)

Vacuum Wall Compartments
Shielding against heat by using walls with evacuated sections.

The Achilles Heel (1940)

Vision Tubes
Microminaturized vision for UAV's.

The Scarab (1936)

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