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"MUCH discussion has been raised on the question of interplanetary travel, of the way in which the first flight will take place and its consequences. Will it be made for adventure, for pure science, for exploration, for greed or personal gain of some kind? Certainly, at this date, no one can answer the question. It is to be hoped that the discovery of the secrets necessary to the space flight will not come first to those in whose hands it might prove to be a misapplied power. Even the scientist is at times blinded by his own zeal so that he utilizes his powers for what turn out to be evil ends.

Mr. Vanny has written here, a fascinating account of what the type of expedition might be, and how the consequences of it could pursue the space flyers for many years."

('The Exiles of Venus' by Jim Vanny)

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Magnetic Ray
A powerful magnetic beam.

Space Men - first use of this term
Beings who travel and work in space. is devoted to the creative inventions of science fiction authors and movie makers. Look for the Science Fiction Invention Category that interests you, the Glossary of Science Fiction Inventions, the Timeline of Science Fiction Inventions, or see what's New.
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