Spider Space Elevator Test Vehicle

A robotic testing device for the cables of a space elevator. (Read the full article)

"You said it! "what could go wrong?" !!!!! why!!!! lol its jinxed now and everyone will die.....HEEHEE"
(Sam 10/7/2005 7:24:51 AM )
"Simplistic answers are what will transform space into a doable venue for future habitable space voyages, including to our moon and Mars. Imagine a web of filaments around whatever mode of transportation is used, providing unlimited power, and safety for the transporter and occupants. Spiders, crawlers, or whatever would function independent of mankind having to provide these services. The manpower savings alone would be tremendous. Visualize, too, a satellite repair web, able to visit, repair or replace parts as needed. With a space elevator, cheap space flight would be within reach of the average tourist for about what the cost of a 3 week luxary cruise costs today. Sign me up! ...jj"
(johnnyjupiter2001@yahoo.com 12/21/2005 2:28:08 PM )

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