A system capable of reproducing selected scents capable of fooling the human nervous system. (Read the full article)

"A visual example of Bradbury's "odorophonic" can be seen in Dame Marjorie Chardin's "odorifics" in Hal Ashby's 1971 film "Harold and Maude." As described by Maude, "Give the nose a treat, I thought. Have a kind of olfactory banquet! So I began first on the easiest--roast beef, old books, mown grass, then I went on to these--'An Evening at Maxim's.' 'Mexican Farmyard.' Here's one you'd like. 'Snowfall on 42nd Street.'""
(Mike M. 12/3/2004 11:21:50 AM )
"Seems to me I've seen an ad somewhere for a gadget Glade is selling, where you can "play" a disk of five different scents. Each scent lasts for about a half hour. This is intended as an air freshener, so don't look for "hot-lion" scent to accentuate your favorite savannah movie. "
(Moondragon 9/2/2005 12:16:55 AM )
"i dont know what odorophonics means still."
(zoolu 10/16/2006 7:11:15 PM )

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