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"There was a link. When the crew and scientists convened abort HMS Lenin to discuss the HMS McCarthur they logged in to their pocket computers and linked to the ship's main computer. When the xenobiologists convened on New Scotland to discuss the Motie representitives they tested the link between their hand computers and the main computer. When the Brownie took the pocket computer apart and then reassembled it, Sally tested it by linking to the ship's computer. "
(James 10/20/2004 11:31:11 PM )
"I'm a great fan of Niven and Pournelle, but this was hardly this first reference to a PDA-like computer in a sci-fi story. Isaac Asimov mentioned such devices in stories from the 1950's. Even the campy old Tom Swift Jr. series from the 1950's and early 1960's mentioned pocket-sized devices called "Little Idiots" which performed mathematical calculations based on voice input from the user."
(Pete G. 10/21/2004 12:05:06 PM )
"Pete - Thanks for writing. Actually, I did mention that Asimov talked about a calculator pad in his 1951 novel Foundation. I guess I need to move it higher in the article, or change the wording. Thanks for the tip about Tom Swift - I'll check into it."
(Bill Christensen 10/21/2004 2:20:32 PM )
"i want a pocket computer that have at least 1MB memory "
(mahdi 2/21/2005 11:40:21 PM )
"Impressive indeed of Mr. Niven, but I think that the inimitable Jack "King" Kirby beat him to the punch circa 1970 with the hand-held (or even wearable!) "Mother Box" sapient (!) computers used by the New Gods of his "Fourth World" sci-fi comics for DC."
(COMALite J 8/31/2005 5:53:00 AM )
" looking for device that doesn't shrink when accelerating to 200,000 m/s..will you help ? Are Lorentz's transformation Theories wrong if space is weightless with no physical way of causing a moving object to feel any type of force - traveling in to forwards into the vacuum ???"
(rodney kawecki 9/9/2005 6:54:49 PM )
" Space is divided into two separate main type media's. One in "physics" is Earth's atmosphere and the second is interstellar space or introAether. Science will never beable to change a physical elements physical chemistry to behave in a weightless stste. But flying through Earth's gravitation is a different story. One would have to find a way to change the physical construction of an element objectal body and mass to stem as a fully negative componentre. That is going to be impossible. Weightless space being 98% percent of the Universe all spread out is already weightless and makes everything tha enters it weightless as well. This is the reason superluminal speed is possible. So it actually depends on the space you are speaking about !! This is the problem with special and general relativity and partts of Quantum Mechanics - they don't separate these physical domains of space. Lorentz Transformation deals with shrinkage and not inertia. Physically applied inertia weight in science has been desrcibed as the time it would take to raise to the velocity of light. The physical weight force against a crew accelerating has to be taken into consideration in lightspeed manueverment. A jump manuever of zero to lightspeed can be desrcibed as a one second physical body vibrational excitation motion effect caused by the ethics in the jump. A slower manueverments. THe ship's center of gravitation state measures uniquely less away from real gravity. but - none the less is there and equal in its determinate. But the physical effect of inertia in weightless space is measured much less than in Earth's atmosphere. Sci-Fi is a novalty of infinite power aboard a craft, Where in real science - power is a measured instrument of energy equal to a precision. If in the Lorentz Contraction Theory - if the material shrinkage of a ship traveling at lightspeed was lifted - the inertia would be greater. Under these conditions in weightless space the force would be less..."
(Rodney Kawecki 2/22/2006 7:45:52 PM )
" Leaving the Earth's atmosphere during acceleration is the same in all area's. At take-off - the Jetcraft manuever's by gaining accelerational speed. As the Jetcraft gains altitude - as it travels further away from the Earth's magnetic pull, it begin;s gaining an acceleration that is faster than it would be traveling physically closer to the planets surface. Finally, when the jetcraft manuever's into interstellar space - its velocity rate ddiffers than when it was inside the Earth's gravitational pull. Since space consist of zero gravity - the crafts acceleration reach is faster in it. Speeds that vary on Earth as being 200 m/r - in empty space will allow the craft to travel at 400 m/r. THe accelerational tortque from the ship's engine thrusters because of the weightlessness allows the jetcraft to travel faster with no magnetic attractional force acting on it. Accelerational coordinates measure at a different magnitude in space than on Earth. Because the acceleration process is a gradual release manuever from traveling out of the Earth's magnetic pull into an empty introAether medium. The manuevering stretch is gradual as well. It is only by jump manuevering. Accelerating from a base zero stationary position to a very high velocity that physical inertia acts. But manuevering with a designed compression variable system equal to the jump acceleration of the ship would maintain non-physical inertia journry. This can be done with a computer - designed with equal compressionary resistancy astronomical unitre theoretical intelligence that could act simultaneous with the jump manueverment of the jetcrafts velocity determinate. Rodney Kawecki 2005 Quanta Physics...."
(Rodney Kawecki 2/23/2006 5:44:16 PM )
" " The bigger you - the harder you fall " Creating a solid type EMF Field centered in the ship to gravitate jump-speed inertia is technology of the future. As we know - it depends on the force of gravity that tells us how hard we will fall. The less the gravity - the further we jump this is the reason jump-speed type I superluminal velocities are possible. Creating a gravitation compression inhabitate devise ( I hate the word 'devise - where in Quanta Physics everything is based on a concert foundation ) based with the speed coordinates specifications in a computer. Could regulate how much inertia can be avoided in space. One must also look at the idea to what level of exploration yechnology level mankind is operating at - at the time. Superluminal velocity coordinating is a thing of the future. When mankind developes a devise mechanism that lets the speed of velocity in space or land to manuever at lightspeed velocities. Finding ways to settle inertia will be evaluated. But observing the idea that the concept of inertia being a reverse counterpart effect of acceleration weighed by velocity. The gravitation that density level causing the affect should be considered a great part of how hard a body will be upset. Increasing this electromagnetism artifically in a spacecraft could deaccelerate probable turn piking...Quanta Physics"
(president 2/24/2006 10:55:18 AM )
" Third analysis about traveling forwards into the space vacuum.....a jetcraft traveling at supersonic velocities through the Earth's atmosphere traveling downwards - with the force of gravity will feel the action of a physical freefall. When after gaining a much higher velocity - the jetcraft decides to slingshot out of the freefall, It will experience the downward strokement or pull of gravity as it assends. This type of inertia can be solved by creating a mechanical devise the reverses the pull and inertia or gravity 'in' the jetcraft - and polarizing a designed gravitational foreground at the top of the ship that when assending from the supersonic freefall - stablizes a magnetic gravitation tolerance atop the vessel meeting the same density manuevering wavelength as felt in the slingshot freefall. This coordinates would have to be calibrated by a computer diagram positional screen that formulates the physical positioning of the jetcraft during the manueverment. The positioning screen would than calulate the positioning of the magnetic gravitation stimulation which than is coordinated to position the magnetic foreground devise's frequenzed would be assigned and stimulated at as the jetcraft slowly adjusts to the freefall weight indifference. Using the logical means of factual basis analysis theoredic's help to express material spacephysics from becoming confused from Sci-Fi imaginatiive surpression. I hope this helps you in your interest in physics. R.Kawecki phd. president developer.LA..3rd part cc"
(Quantum Lightspeed Analysis 2/24/2006 11:13:15 PM )
" Discrepenecis in SRT, GRT and QED..Quanta Physics... mathematically equation E=Mq2t-1sec vs E=Mv2. Principle constant fails where weightless mode contact comes into play. The earth's motion exempt "E" (g2) 'h' ZPE [Vp2@v1](h=SL)=0...(30km/s)cos' orbit minus 9.8m/s = 9.8m/s + (v/c) = 600,000 km/s. (g2='e')=('h')=q{1}(SL)q2(x2) Einstein's impression that LT is everywhere - SRT (deep Space) he indicated deep space was the same as G2. Planck 'h' SL...One must lose G1 to manuever FTL. freefall 9.8 m/s. easiest devise is anti-gravity. (matter - energy eq.)Warp Bubble is a physical force attained with DM. Maintaining space atmospheric qualities inside the Bubble. On Earth - matter - energy equals weightlessness, Instantaneous lightspeed manuevering. Energy deficiency matter is a design science.Anti-positive neg. energy. r.kawecki 2006 "
(Rodney Kawecki 4/2/2006 1:31:39 PM )
"One of the new Tom Swift Jr. stories mentioned Little Idiots, from 'Tom Swift on The Phantom Satellite.' Little Idiots were specialized computing devices that performed specific tasks, like calculating orbits or translating messages from friends."
(Bill Christensen 3/19/2007 5:28:04 PM )
"Minisec. "Imperial Earth" by Arthur C. Clarke, mid '70s. Pretty much a PDA..."
( 8/11/2009 1:33:44 PM )
"Right - see the text quote here on the entry for Minisec from Imperial Earth by Arthur C. Clarke."
(Bill Christensen 8/11/2009 10:17:55 PM )
""He took out his pocket computer and wrote quickly with the attached stylus." LOL it's even got handwriting recognition software like my PalmPilot! I wonder if the stylus is plastic like a Zire 31, or metal like a Tungstun TE? "
(Moondragon 8/28/2009 11:32:58 AM )

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