Talking Bomb

A psychological warfare weapon that talks to the enemy. (Read the full article)

"I've always wondered why we don't _use_ things like this. It's technically possible today, and hardly more inhumane than the normal variety. The really neat part is that you could cause disruption in an enemy unit out of all proportion to the actual warhead. Heck, you wouldn't even _need_ to put warheads in all of them -- just enough so that the threat had to be taken seriously."
( 12/23/2006 6:43:33 AM )
"...I agree with the OP. These would not be illegal under the rules of war as they stand at the moment. They are a humane alternative to blowing up EVERY building you throw a bomb into. However, for the ones that *were* loaded with explosive, it should be noted that only a fool would program them to detonate when the counter got to 'zero'... ;)"
(Agronski 4/26/2007 9:50:15 AM )
"Just a note - SAS isn't "Special Action Service", it's "Special Air Service""
( 8/20/2009 8:40:53 AM )
"Sorry - thanks for writing! Fixed it."
(Bill Christensen 8/23/2009 12:54:24 PM )

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