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Murray Leinster (b. 1896 - d. 1975) was the nom de plume of William Fitzgerald Jenkins, born in Norfolk, VA. He served in WWI in the Army, also serving in WWII in the Office of War Information. His science fiction output was voluminous, starting in 1919 and continuing until 1970; he used the Leinster name almost exclusively for sf writing (except of course for A Logic Named Joe, which he wrote under the name Will F. Jenkins).

(Murray Leinster)

He won a 1956 Hugo for Exploration Team and a retro-Hugo in 1996 for First Contact.

Invention/Technology Source Work (Publication Date)

Spacecraft Ejection Seat
An ejection seat for spacecraft, to be used in the event of problems during launch.

Space Tug (1953)

Synchrophased Power Beams
Focuses energy beams from multiple planets on the same object.

Propagandist (1947)

Tanks - massive mass storage
Device that provides mass storage of information.

A Logic Named Joe (1946)

The Shed - sf predecessor to the VAB
Enormous building needed to assemble giant space craft or space stations.

Space Tug (1953)

Thigh Grips
Special chair feature for space ships undergoing accelerations.

The Power Planet (1931)

Vision Plate - early flat screen
A flat panel monitor.

First Contact (1945)

Wabbler - underwater robot
An autonomous underwater robot.

The Wabbler (1942)

Wango Wave - sign of hyperspace
Energy surge that accompanies the entrance into, and exit from, overdrive outside of normal space.

Propagandist (1947)

Zero-G Cups
Cups that were specially designed to be usable under zero gravity conditions.

Space Tug (1953)

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