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Related to material in The Space Dwellers
by Raymond Z. Gallun

"OUR astronomers have always speculated as to the possibility of other worlds being inhabited, As a rule they base their assumption upon the facts that life as we know it cannot exist when the temperature falls below a certain degree or rises above a certain point. Having nothing to base their theories on, except what we know of terrestrial animal life, they cannot conceive that, after all, life may be possible at a temperature of absolute zero or even at a temperature above that of boiling water. Naturally, beings that could exist tmder such conditions would not be constituted in the same way as we are; but that does not preclude the possibility that there are in existence such beings right at this very minute.

As we all know, life is possible under the most adverse conditions and, as a rule, life will adapt itself to its environment. Thus, we have deep-sea fish that live under tons of pressure where scientists, fifty years ago, would have been certain life could not exist.

As we come to know our universe better and better, more surprising facts, such as illustrated by this story, will become known; and the impossible things of today will become the commonplace of tomorrow."

('The Space Dwellers' by Raymond Gallun)

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