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"Of all parts of life I that have yielded to science, education has resisted most. We still learn, for the most part by the old method of reading books and listening to lectures and performing experiments.

('An Adventure on Eros' by J. Harvey Haggard)

We do know, however, that the greatest impressions on our minds are made by those experiences that we suffer, that often mean life or death to us. And in such an experience we truly learn a lesson, that can be learned in no other way.

Mr. Gernsback, editor of Wonder Stories, proposed some time ago a device which would teach one as he slept. This was explained fully in the “Questions and Answers Department" of the magazine and excited considerable interest. Perhaps, as this ingenious story points out, the process proposed by Mr. Gernsback, could be carried further, and education by “experience” become an established method of teaching." Select an invention:

Spacegram - solar system telegram
Telegrams of the space lanes.

Telepadion Instructor
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