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"One of the greatest obstacles to travel through interplanetary space will undoubtedly be the danger from meteors.

The problem is especially acute because of our almost total lack of knowledge about these numberless spacial travelers. True, we know that they exist, but the laws that govern their being, their prevalence in certain areas, or at certain times of the year, their speed in space, are among the things of which we have little knowledge. And it is questionable whether we will get any until we are really able to penetrate our atmospheric envelope and get out into space to study them.

('Liners of Space' by Jim Vanny)

We have even no certainty as to where meteors originate. Some scientists believe that they are the remains of exploded planets; others believe that they originate from comets from which they have been parted by one force or another; and still others think that they are the result of the disintegration of small planeoids. But it is sufficient to say that they are one of the great enigmas of space. How important a factor they may be in all interplanetary travel, Mr. Vanny shows very eloquently in the present story.

We are sure you will all enjoy it."

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