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"WHEN men succeed in building space ships and have explored the nearby planets, they will have satisfied for a time their thirst for adventure. So many new experiences, so much of startling discoveries, will fall to the Astronaut that it will take him quite a time to recover from it.

But even then it cannot be assumed that his thirst will be satisfied forever. There are nine solar planets to be explored, a dozen or so of planetary moons and countless asteroids. Each one offers to him a new set of conditions to meet, dangers to face, knowledge to be gained.

('The Asteroid of Death' by Neil R. Jones)

Of the asteroids, that belt of planetary fragments that lie between Mars and Jupiter we know little intimately. There are countless numbers of them, the “Thousand Islands of Space” and each one offers something new to ambitious explorers. Although they are too small to support life, they should offer, as our author shows in this unusual story enough adventures to satisfy anyone for a lifetime"

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Mother World
Planet of origin.

Radium Repeller ray
Move inbound asteroids aside to keep ships safe.

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